• The beach of Noordwijk bedden en stoelen huren op strand
  • The beach of Noordwijk bedden en stoelen huren op strand
  • The beach of Noordwijk bedden en stoelen huren op strand

The beach of Noordwijk


The Blue Flag is an international award that is awarded annually to beaches and marinas that are safe and clean. The flag is valid for one year: on the basis of checks every year to see if the beaches and marinas are still metting the requirements. In practice, this means that nominees must meet a number of important criteria, such as clean (swim)water, proper sanitation, and a high degree of safety. Noordwijk has been flying the flag for years.

Besides the Blue flag, Noordwijk has the international quality mark as a Quality Coast. This label stands for sustainable tourism and goes well beyond the Blue Flag. The Quality Coast Award is the most important European prize for sustainable coastal tourism. The award is issued through an international jury to coastal towns, requiring special efforts in the fields of tourism and environmental protection. There by the seaside resort must have a preservation of nature and landscape, and have a high standard of cultural heritage and identity. Noordwijk received the rating “Gold Plus”. In the Netherlands ranking, Noordwijk stands as the highest.


The staff of the strandpavijoen De Zeemeeuw do their absolute best to keep the beach clean. Besides the municipality provided garbage cans, we have our own hard wood garbage cans on the beach. These hang on poles that are also equipped with paper garbage bags and ashtrays for use on the beach. These “Garbage can poles” can be recognized by the signs ‘CLEAN BEACH’. Help us to keep the beach clean!


On the south side of the pavilion beach guests can find our outdoor toilets. On both sides of our pavilion you’ll find beach showers provided by the municipality of Noordwijk, to rinse off  sand and sea water.


Next to the south terrace, between the pavilion and the dunes, kids can play to their hearts content in our play ground. This consists of some great climbing equipment in the shape of boats, group swings, high bars and a seesaw. The sets are designed by the owner Jan Klinkenberg and inspected and approved by the keurmerkinstituut.

Dogs on the beach

From the 1st of September until the 31st of May, the whole beach of Noordwijk is open to dog walking and loose dog walking. In this period however, on the beach by both boulevards, it is a duty to pick up after your dog.

From the 1st of June until the 31st of August it is not allowed to walk or stay on the beach with your dog by both boulevards.


Of course you can also, at strandpaviljoen De Zeemeeuw, rent beach beds, wind shields, beach chairs, and beach umbrellas. Fantastic a day of relaxing and enjoying the sun, sea and beach. The personnel set up the wind shields, bring the beds/ chairs to your place and dig the beach umbrellas in for you. At the end of the day we clean up all the beach furniture.

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