Depending on the size of the group and the booked arrangement, a section of the pavilion will be reserved exclusively for you. No other guests will be seated in this area. Each space has its own bar and (barbecue) buffet. If necessary, we can separate different areas from each other using soundproof walls or room dividers.

The Terrace

On our various terraces, we have plenty of spots in the sun and/or shade. You can relax with your feet in the sand, lounge on a sofa, or enjoy a cozy private seating area. The terrace screens surrounding the pavilion are made of glass from the ground up, providing a clear view of the beach and the sea from both the terrace and the interior. If it gets a bit cooler in the evening, the ten patio heaters will bring warmth and, above all, coziness.

The Pirates Nest

The Pirates Nest is the space where most barbecue parties, weddings, meetings, and corporate outings take place. In this space, we have approximately 60 seating places. There are French doors on both the seaside and northside, allowing two walls to be almost completely opened when the weather is nice. On the seaside, these doors connect to our terrace. Inside this space, you will find a bar, a barbecue/grill buffet, and a cozy fireplace.

Captains view

The large space in the middle of the pavilion has French doors spanning the entire width on the seaside. This part of the pavilion is designed to be wider and stands out with its high and spacious roof, featuring a characteristic tower in the center. This space offers 80 seating places. Both the north and south sides of this area can be separated from the rest of the pavilion using atmospheric soundproof wooden walls. This space also has its own bar, a barbecue/grill buffet, tables of various sizes and heights, luxurious chairs, and a fireplace.